Specializing your Salesforce
Demand Generation
Sales teams know that in order to meet their revenue goals every quarter, the top of their pipeline needs to be consistently fed with new opportunities to close. In order to turn these opportunities into new business, sales executives want to spend the majority of their time in the field face-to-face with their prospects.  This is where Facetime excels.  We take the job of prospecting off your salespeople's plate and allow them to do what you hired them for:  CLOSE BUSINESS.

Facetime's expertise in executive-level meeting generation yields the highest prospect penetration rate available. Across Facetime's Clients, we have a collective average of over 40% penetration rate on lists provided to us. Compared to advertising, telemarketing, direct mail and tradeshow marketing, Facetime's program provides the best ROI for a lead generation campaign.

Facetime's Pay-Only-for-Performance methodology offers you a tangible pipeline fulfillment program that is easily and visibly measured. You pay only for results, only for meetings your sales representatives have attended.